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Welcome to custom challenge coins dot com. The search term challenge coins for sale can mean at least two things. You are searching for existing premade challenge coins for sale or you are looking at creating your own custom challenge coins.

What are challenge coins? Challenge coins in a nutshell are custom coins that derived their name from military challenge coins. The military challenge in military challenge coins is from someone who initiates a challenge by tapping their coin. Any of their comrades that are in earshot of the tapping or coin check must respond to the challenge initiator within 60 seconds. Those failing to respond to the coin check are saddled with purchasing the next round of adult beverages. Hence the word "challenge" in the term "challenge coins".

Premade challenge coins are pretty self explanatory. Premade challenge coins are designed and manufactured by an individual, group or company with the hope of finding a niche market to sell to and in turn make a profit or raise funds for their non-profit organization. I guess you could say, without the ability to create custom challenge coins then there wouldn’t be any existing or premade challenge coins available. If you are only seeking to purchase one coin then your best bet is a premade coin.

Attempting to create one custom coin is not very cost effective and you will have a difficult time trying to find a company that will only manufacture one coin. Some challenge coin companies may offer a discount on your custom challenge coin order if you will allow them to sell a predetermined number of your coins. I personally don’t offer a service like that. I don’t believe that all challenge coin designs are suitable for individual sales. It’s tough to come up with a design that appeals to the masses. I offer two premade challenge coins for sale. I also offer my customers the opportunity to produce, make, manufacture or create their own challenge coins. Custom challenge coins are a great idea as a form of recognition, for fundraising, camaraderie, or any special occasion or event.

Task Force 145 Challenge Coins For Sale

2 inch, Shiny Silver with gold plating and epoxy on both sides

USS Platte AO-186 Navy Challenge Coin For Sale

1.75 inch, Shiny Gold with Shiny Silver plating

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